What it feels like to live in L.A. and not have any desire to be in the entertainment industry.

It’s a bit fuzzy, really.

I’m not an aspiring actress, a hopeful producer, or a wannabe screenwriter. I don’t care that celebs shop in the same Trader Joe’s aisle as me, or that they drive on the same roads I do in their daily commute.

I don’t really enjoy gussying up. I trip in heels. I don’t enjoy skeevy L.A. guys with V-neck t-shirts who try to exercise their “game” at random dive bars. And I don’t find Chelsea Handler amusing in the slightest bit.

I don’t know the newest [insert cutting-edge director here] film and can’t put the face to the name of that actress from that new show that’s gotten rave reviews from, Hollywood Reporter, and whatever other trade mag I don’t care to read.

I fall asleep during movies from time to time. And fake, candy-coated people make me literally vomit. All over. Just all over the place. One time, a few months ago, I remember someone introducing me to one of their “friends” and two seconds later, when the person turned around, the introducee said, “Ugh, I can’t stand [insert friend’s name here]. Really.” I vomited all over. (Okay, not really, but a part of me wanted to slug the person in the face then and there, followed by a subsequent up-chucking.) Why would you introduce me to people you despise? Why are you wasting my life?

But don’t get me wrong, I love California. The mixture of sunshine and cooled air feels perfect to the touch, most of the time. I enjoy the freshness that comes with each day at my job and the new people I get to interact with every so often. (I breathe in and appreciate this freshness, because God knows L.A.’s smog level is probably obliterating my lungs with every inhale.)

. . . It’s just weird living in this germ that’s separated from the seed. But I prefer the sidelines to the circus around me. Seriously.

Poetry, Ruminations

“I’m sorry for your loss” and other shit I’m bad at conveying.

I’m terrible at consoling people. Especially people I’m close to or people I actually care for. I’m not quite sure why or how I was brought up so desensitized and awkward in these situations, but I end up tripping on my own words and sometimes, literally, on my own two feet.

Today, I found out that my coworker’s cat passed away. It’s a sensitive topic, since I know she was uber-close to her kitty and it definitely was one of her oldest friends. I offered up the idea that it would be a good gesture to get her a card to pay our condolences.

After much pondering, this is what I wrote: Continue reading


Oh, it’s 2012? And I haven’t written in awhile . . . (fancy that)

. . . What a fail.

I try to fit in time and look where that got me. Nowhere fast (and I guess using throwaway cliches?).

Anyways, I tried (a dash) and didn’t deliver. But I really want to. Especially this year.

Look, I don’t ever set new years resolutions because of the mere disappoint that I inevitably receive after I break it subsequent day after or so (much like me giving up cursing for Lent–wasn’t realistic).

And in my best attempt at a southern-belle accent, “I do declare” that I will try even harder this year. Continue reading


Hey, it’s been awhile . . .

It’s been almost four months since I’ve written in this good ole’ blog.

Notice that I changed the banner and a few of the pages. I feel like my life has changed significantly and my design and pages should match that. I’m still trying to tweak and figure out all of that page business, but that’s for another night.

I added Angelenos, Food, and Confessions, and combined Music with TV and Film. I have a shit ton of interests stirring in my brain right now, and this is a way for me to separate everything.

I’m going to try to blog at least twice a week. I emphasize “try,” because I always say I will and I never do. But at least you know I’m sincere when I say I’ll try.

This will be fun . . .


Things I would tell my past self . . .

It’s one in the am, and I’m still awake. Well obviously. I worked on work stuff a little bit (if the redundancy of that statement irks me as much as it irks you, we should grab drinks later), watched two episodes of “Game of Thrones” (shit is getting real!), and started perusing online stores for clothes I can’t afford. So it was a typical day in the life of Mel.

High school Mel. I still have that “You’re a douchebag!” face.

Anyways, this amazing blog inspired me to go back through old photos (mostly high school and early college life) and reflect upon what’s definitely shaped who I am now. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all emotional and poignant on you, and write as if I’m having a total epiphany, because I’m not.

Screw the “If I knew then what I knew now . . .” cliche (and I hate quoting cliches). Because then I wouldn’t be who I am now, now would I? (Tongue tied, bitches!)

Still, it is kinda fun to reflect (in a cheesy way).

Here are 10 things that I would tell my pre-high school, pre-college self (that is, if I wanted to avoid living life altogether): Continue reading


Well crap…

Where does time fly to? What’s become of my life? What cliche question will I ask next?

It’s certainly been awhile since I’ve been able to blog on good ole, Oh Mel, Gee…

If you didn’t hear, I graduated and actually have a full-time gig over at Knock Knock  as their Marketing and Digital Coordinator. It’s so weird to have my own email signature. I feel important or something. And the office is in Venice, CA and on the same street as Robert Downey Jr.’s house. Not that I stalk him or anything.

Anyways, I’m still getting used to everything that my new job entails, so it’s sad to see Oh Mel, Gee… take a back seat.

I plan on working on updating at least once each week – maybe a run down of sorts? I’m also in the works of churning out a sister blog to Oh Mel, Gee… Some of you already know what it is, and some of you are the lucky ones who can await and find out. 🙂

Anyways, while I have my random spurts of hiatus, feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and of course send me an email at if you have an idea for a post/want to give me a virtual high five. All is totally appreciated.

Thanks for staying classy,



Random thoughts:

I googled "random thoughts." This came up.

I didn’t feel like writing a post with substance. I thought my fleeting thoughts were enough for your consumption.

Here are my thoughts as of now:

1. I’m obsessed with the PC’s ghetto version of the Mac sticky-notes. I have about 10 pink sticky notes total. 🙂 I love post-it notes.

2. I freaking wish I didn’t forget my lunch today. I made a delicious salad with salmon, grape tomatoes with Greek dressing. This Berries GoMega Odwalla bar just isn’t cutting it… ick.

3. I have Matt & Kim on repeat. Block after Block. Again.

4. I could definitely see myself living in Los Angeles if I get a job here. A big IF. I honestly don’t mind the crazy ass traffic and superficiality. I think the weather and good looking people outweigh that.

5. It’s nearly the end of February – geez, what a throw-away month. Aside from my friend’s (and Dad’s) birthdays that are in February, I’d say screw it, we don’t need you February. P.S. February has a weird spelling.

6. My roommate shared this link below of a little Asian girl covering Lady Gaga’s (1,000th Billboard #1) “Born This Way.” I’m not really a fan of the original track, but this little girl does an amazing job. Plus, she looks like she could be my little sister, so props little Melanie.

7. The Politically Correct Cape belongs to Facebook today, for adding “civil unions” and “domestic marriages” to their list of online relationship options. Hooray for partial, sort-of equality!

8. I can’t wait for this weekend. Mainly because it’s the weekend in general and I’ve got no set-stone plans as of yet. I feel like pulling a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and go crash a car or something.

9. It’s a bummer that my Flip video camera broke. I really want to edit videos/post some up on here. If anyone would like to contribute to The Melanie’s Video Camera fund, all are welcome. It’s a legit charity.

10. I should really focus. But I’m pretty happy that I’m writing just complete nonsense, as I haven’t done that since… well, yesterday. But I missed Oh Mel Gee… !


I’m starting out fresh like a baby’s bottom… when wiped.

n1107660181_30399706_2451456 It’s summer.

But i’ve had an incredible amount of time on my hands, more than I’d like, honestly.

I haven’t written or published anything in about a month.

And this dryspell bothers me.  Tons.

So this is it.  My outlet.

Expect news, music, pictures, and tons of useless info that’ll blow your mind into bits of confetti.