Random thoughts:

I googled "random thoughts." This came up.

I didn’t feel like writing a post with substance. I thought my fleeting thoughts were enough for your consumption.

Here are my thoughts as of now:

1. I’m obsessed with the PC’s ghetto version of the Mac sticky-notes. I have about 10 pink sticky notes total. 🙂 I love post-it notes.

2. I freaking wish I didn’t forget my lunch today. I made a delicious salad with salmon, grape tomatoes with Greek dressing. This Berries GoMega Odwalla bar just isn’t cutting it… ick.

3. I have Matt & Kim on repeat. Block after Block. Again.

4. I could definitely see myself living in Los Angeles if I get a job here. A big IF. I honestly don’t mind the crazy ass traffic and superficiality. I think the weather and good looking people outweigh that.

5. It’s nearly the end of February – geez, what a throw-away month. Aside from my friend’s (and Dad’s) birthdays that are in February, I’d say screw it, we don’t need you February. P.S. February has a weird spelling.

6. My roommate shared this link below of a little Asian girl covering Lady Gaga’s (1,000th Billboard #1) “Born This Way.” I’m not really a fan of the original track, but this little girl does an amazing job. Plus, she looks like she could be my little sister, so props little Melanie.

7. The Politically Correct Cape belongs to Facebook today, for adding “civil unions” and “domestic marriages” to their list of online relationship options. Hooray for partial, sort-of equality!

8. I can’t wait for this weekend. Mainly because it’s the weekend in general and I’ve got no set-stone plans as of yet. I feel like pulling a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and go crash a car or something.

9. It’s a bummer that my Flip video camera broke. I really want to edit videos/post some up on here. If anyone would like to contribute to The Melanie’s Video Camera fund, all are welcome. It’s a legit charity.

10. I should really focus. But I’m pretty happy that I’m writing just complete nonsense, as I haven’t done that since… well, yesterday. But I missed Oh Mel Gee… !


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