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Viernes es mi salvador.

Oh Henry! (had to.)

Thanks Google Translate, you’re the best.

It’s sad knowing I spent about $4,000 at UT for Spanish credits, and I can’t even remember how to say Friday.

Anyways, Happy Friday mi amigos!

I’m in a SUPER good mood because I just saw a pic of the new Superman, Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Stardust). OF course he’s UBER attractive. And I don’t expect anything less than the best for the Man In Tights. I mean, Tom Welling AND Brandon Routh were both Mr. Kent, and they’re fine pieces of … well, man. And since they are so good-looking, it’s alright that they can’t act worth a dime. But I have faith in Henry. He was actually supposed to play Edward Cullen, dontchaknow. I’m relieved he chose the right franchise… Jeebus.

Here’s what my plans are this weekend:

+ Spend about and hour or two hours on this website. Pure genius.

+ Dig my toes in Santa Monica sand and ride some rides on the pier. Or throw Cheetos at Seagulls. I hear that’s a smart idea.

+ Give a toast Sunday night to Richard Nixon in honor of President’s Day on Monday. If it wasn’t for you Mister Nixon, Deep Throat would just be a porno.

+ Eat some Ciroc-ified cupcakes. Yes, I did turn Ciroc into a verb. Ya jealous? Anyways, my roommate wants to try out some cupcake recipe with Ciroc in it. Do Diddy proud.

+ Watch a movie. ANY movie. I wish that new Topher Grace movie was out already. I’m sure it’s terrible, but who cares? Anything is better than freakin Gnomeo and Juliette. I’ll pay $10 to see Topher galavant across the screen any day. Plus Anna Faris is in it, who is pretty annoying. But I did see her last week, so we’re sort of like closet BFFs.

And that’s all I can think of. Hopefully your weekend is just as awesome.


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