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Friday Funday

This is not Friday Funday appropriate. But I liked this pic.

Sorry I didn’t post this week. It’s been sort of a whirlwind in the life of Mel, and things won’t wind down until Wednesday or so.

But anyways. I’ll blog really quick, just so I can get some creative juices flowing before I read up on the legendary David Foster Wallace.

Current thoughts on this fine, fine Friday:

+ I’m in complete awe over the uprising countries that are giving their governments the middle finger. Like fire, the revolutionary outcries and protest have spread from Africa to the Middle East. It’s aspiring yet incredibly frightening. I hope to God that all can be resolved without more bloodshed, but wishful thinking hasn’t given anyone peace.

+ In a related note, I feel bad that in a few hours I’ll be en route to Vegas for the weekend while thousands of people are losing their lives in the world. Lady luck should be overseas right now with the protesters and not with dollar slot machines.

+ What’s a post without mentioning J. Biebs? I heard he cut his hair and then sold it for charity. Okay, Biebs: I let you go to the BET Awards, I also allowed you to premiere a low-budget, high-profit movie that’s in direct competition with Topher Grace’s “Take Me Home Tonight.” And that is my second husband right there. But allowing little girls to man-handle little strands of your hair? Ew. Just ew.

And little girls: Why the fuck would you buy a strand of hair for $7,000? That’s pretty sick, you sick SOBs.

+ I like turtles.

Have a good weekend, bitches!


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