Celebrity, Politics

Dear Charlie Sheen:

I’m sick and tired of seeing your face. I’m fed up with your smoky-ass swarming all over every single media outlet, including the radio, blogs, newspapers and even freaking CNN (who even did a package on how much you smoke!) Who gives a DAMN?!?

You are taking precious words, footage and airtime from issues that ACTUALLY matter. Like, I dunno, how the U.S. may or may not take action in Libya, how all of the protest and terrible atrocities happening on that continent is fucking up oil prices and how some idiots in America think that boycotting gas stations because of the hiked up prices is a brilliant idea. Your dumb outbursts are making everyone more stupid.

You are not a “winner,” yet you are a millionaire.

And for that, you can be my new best friend.

– Mel


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