Things I would tell my past self . . .

It’s one in the am, and I’m still awake. Well obviously. I worked on work stuff a little bit (if the redundancy of that statement irks me as much as it irks you, we should grab drinks later), watched two episodes of “Game of Thrones” (shit is getting real!), and started perusing online stores for clothes I can’t afford. So it was a typical day in the life of Mel.

High school Mel. I still have that “You’re a douchebag!” face.

Anyways, this amazing blog¬†inspired me to go back through old photos (mostly high school and early college life) and reflect upon what’s definitely shaped who I am now. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all emotional and poignant on you, and write as if I’m having a total epiphany, because I’m not.

Screw the “If I knew then what I knew now . . .” cliche¬†(and I hate quoting cliches). Because then I wouldn’t be who I am now, now would I? (Tongue tied, bitches!)

Still, it is kinda fun to reflect (in a cheesy way).

Here are 10 things that I would tell my pre-high school, pre-college self (that is, if I wanted to avoid living life altogether): Continue reading