An apology…

Photo by: flickr.com.tellmeasecret

Sorry for the lack of updates and uber-refreshing posts…

But class and other personal issues have kicked my ass this week, and probably will next week as well.

My aim is  to do daily coverage for this blog, and I haven’t been following that lately. I mean I freaking went a whole week without posts.

But I’ll make it up to you all, that is if you care. For those who care,  I will give you all gold-plated crowns, since you are royally amazing.

Right now my internet is down at the casa because Time Warner likes to play idiot. And until then i’ll have to scrounge around for some wi-fi places.

Feel free to email me with suggestions, tips, or if you want to help me with the site and updating, it’s cool. The more the merrier.

Here’s my email: mel@ohmelgee.com

Stay classy, folks…



I’m starting out fresh like a baby’s bottom… when wiped.

n1107660181_30399706_2451456 It’s summer.

But i’ve had an incredible amount of time on my hands, more than I’d like, honestly.

I haven’t written or published anything in about a month.

And this dryspell bothers me.  Tons.

So this is it.  My outlet.

Expect news, music, pictures, and tons of useless info that’ll blow your mind into bits of confetti.