So it’s been about 10 years… (Anniversary, Jersey Shore)

Sorry for the month hiatus, friends and foes.

Anways, now that July is wrapping up, I forgot to give a toast to you!

Oh Mel Gee is now a 1-year-old! *Tear*

Expect at least one crazy update per week from here on out…

And remember to watch the Season 2 premiere of Jersey Shore tomorrow 10/9c!

MTV is already getting ready for the 3rd season, hiring a shoe-in for Angelina:

Via Fox News: Meet Nicole Cortese (left), a friend of Snookie.

“Cortese describes herself as ‘f**king classy’ and ‘addictive and expensiv3 lik3 cocaine.’ A MySpace page for the former Brookdale Community College cheerleader shows her in various provocative poses, where she is seen scantily clad, often kissing her female friends and holding a bottle of liquor.” – Fox News

Imagining a Fox News reporter writing that article makes me spill my giggles. But with this news, plus spats between The Situation and Shore producers, my apprehension and anxiousness has gone overboard. Only not really at all, actually.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez nominated for BET awards

Apparently Justin Bieber is up for Black Entertainment TV’s  Best New Artist award, competing against the likes of Nicki Minaj, Young Money, Melanie Fiona, and Wale. I just feel the nominations are incredibly imbalanced in talent.

Some comments from EW.com:

“BET is just kissing Ushers ass….”

“Yes, because when I think of black entertainers the first thing that pops into my mine is a little white boy who looks and sounds like a 6 year old lesbian.”

“WTF, Justin Bieber! Is it April’s Fool?”

And Selena Gomez is up for the YoungStar award, the same award Will Smith’s daughter Willow Smith is nominated for. I’m not even sure how she got on the bill.

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‘Pretty Wild’ is CANCELED…

… And thank God.

Due to some leaked photos (oh yeah and here) of Tess Taylor and Alexa Neiers doing crack, E! has decided to pull the show. I guess they bit off more than they could chew.

So it’s true that “Pretty Wild” starlets, Tess Taylor and Alexa Neirs ARE that dumb. I mean, if you do crack/heroin/bong hitting, the least you can do is be fully clothed and NOT let your friends take pictures of you.

Gah, didn’t they read the crack-whore handbook?

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Greyson Chance > Justin Bieber

I’m sure you all caught this vid that blew up yesterday. It’s of 6th grader Greyson Michael Chance bellowing his heart out during his piano/theatrical performance of Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at his middle school’s talent show.

Not gonna lie, I’ve had it on repeat since yesterday.  I pretty much cried a river of slow tears, I was so touched.

Take notice of the girl’s behind him, with their googly-eyes and dropping jaws. One of my favorite comments on Youtube so far: “The blondie in the back is gonna have to change her panties after this.”

Take that, Canuk Bieber! BAM.

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Who Is Bruno Mars?

First and foremost, my eyes are failing me exponentially more this semester than any other. I realized that I spend even more time on the computer writing, researching and brainstorming than I eat, sleep and go to class.

This is a definite no bueno.

Anywho, let’s put the spotlight on Bruno Mars, the chorus crooner you’ve heard on B.O.B.’s “Nothin’ On You” and Travis McCoy’s newest summer-single, “Billionaire.”

Peter Hernandez (Bruno’s real name), 23,  hails from Waikiki, Hawaii but moved to L.A. to conjure up his music career. It was  in the city of angels, where he created his production team/music duo – The Smeezingtons, with Philip Lawrence.

With the Smeezingtons, he produced and co-wrote hits like “Right Round” – Flo Rida, and for artists Sean Kingston, Cobra Starship, Maroon 5 and Matisyahu.

Currently,  he created his own EP, set to release May 11 (next week!).

To give it a listen, stream it here.

Check out EW’s Q&A with the man himself here.

Favorite B.O.B. song:

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Weekly Rundown

Just in case you’re still recovering from this weekend and feel too lazy to read up on what’s important in the now, here’s my personal rundown:

1. Batwoman is a lesbian.

Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, will now have her own penned comic book series and is apparently the first openly gay superhero in the D.C. Universe. I read that she had a relationship with Renee Montoya, aka The Question. First Spiderman loses his job due to ecomic times, and now Batwoman is a lesbian It’s like comic geeks are trying to live in reality or something, wtf.

2. Europe to open air traffic tomorrow

After almost a week after northern Europe shut down all flights, European officals now say flights will be possible. According to some fancy-schmancy agreement, the area will be broken up into three zones, with zones one and two allowing flights to resume. Hooray!

3. Jersey shore spin-off to film in Boston

Those crazy bitches behind Jersey Shore  are at it again. Only instead of finding guido and guidette talent, they are now seeking obnoxious Bostonians for a Jersey spin-off, titled “Wicked Summer.” The casting site says that producers are specifically looking for people who “don’t take sh*t from nobody – least of all each othah. You believe in God, family,the Red Sox and partying!!”

4. Harold and Kumar: “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” 

The lovely duo, Kal Penn and John Cho are teaming up once again for “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas,” which will be less retarded than it sounds, I bet you!  Written by the same writers from the first two movies, this one will come out hopefully in 2011 and will surround the holiday craziness.

5. Austin Police Department releases 911 tapes after IRS office attack

The Austin Police Department released the 911 tapes of IRS employees who were victims of an plane flying into their IRS office building, flown by an extremely troubled man.

Free Music Monday, ya’ll:

“Melancholy Hill” – The Gorillaz. Do not listen to this if you do not want to hear catchy,  amazing music. It’s at your discretion.

And you can Click to download the song here. You’re welcome.


An epiphany…

Well, sort of.

To the ladies, gents and gingers who read my blog, I’ve come to a conclusion:

I’m not fashion-forward, I’m not a fashionista, nor am I up-to-date on style icons or the glamour of city fashion shows. I’m a geek wearing $2.50 sunglasses from Forever 21, two-year-old Payless shoe flats that are barely usable, and a gray-striped shirt I think I bought freshmen year. I think the only fashion-esque piece of clothing i’m wearing is Seven Jeans, and that’s only because I bought them for like $20 bucks in Vegas.

So what does that mean, you’re probably wondering. Well, if I’m so grundgy and not caring about fashion, I certainly shouldn’t write about it.

Case-in-point: I’m taking down the “for your skin” section of the site, since I don’t give a crap about clothes, plus I barely wear makeup/wash my face with acne stopping ingredients. You might shudder a little bit, which is fine, but it mainly stems from laziness.

To replace “for your skin”: A new section, I’m calling “Mel’s Minute of Fame.”

I want to get to know every single person out there that gives a crap about anything. I’m interested in people, in features, and just how people think in general.

With my handy-dandy flip-cam, I will be focusing on a person (hopefully) every single week.

And that means YOU, crazies.

Be on the lookout for me, cause no one can hide. But actually you can, cause i’m not a creeper or anything.


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Dear Usher, I’m bored…

I’m streaming the new Usher album, Raymond vs. Raymond that dropped March 30th.

Gist: After news of his divorce to wife Tameka Foster (you’ve guys heard “Papers”), I feel like Usher uses his fifth album to once again holler at hot, young chicks. (Shocker.) It’s obvious when you hear “Lil Freak” ft. Nicki Minaj, “OMG” ft. Will.I.Am., and “So Many Girls” ft. Diddy.

I expect Usher to churn out new beats, well at least catchy beats. And I feel like all of the songs off this album, with the exception of “She Don’t Know” ft. Ludacris (cause  I love Luda) and “Guilty” (sounds Ace of Base-esque), lacks the freshness we all heard in both My Way and Confessions.

And even though “Foolin Around” is probably one of the better tracks on the album, it ultimately sounds like “Confessions Part II,” only not as good.

WTF: I don’t think I can take him seriously anymore after hearing the lyrics “Daddy’s home, it’s time to play” on the track, appropriately titled “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home).”  Way to throw originality out the window there, Usher.

Maybe some tracks off this album will make it onto ABDC if they dedicate another episode to him. Probably not.

Overall: While I thought Here I Stand was a yawner… again, I’m not impressed. And no Usher, I disagree with your theory on “Monstar.”  There are only two sides to a story, not three. There’s only the lies and the truth. That’s all.


Pretty Wild = pretty effed up.

By starcelebritys.com

After watching the first episode of Pretty Wild, the new reality-wannabe-celeb drama show on E! that follows a former playboy model and three wild-child daughters, I really wish integrity came in pill form, just so I could slip some into these girls’ drinks.

There’s something about these chicks that just make me want to scream. And I’m talking about the four of them, mom included:

1. First of all, what justifies Andrea Neiers to teach/home school these girls? Her only textbook is “The Secret,” which literally seems to be her bible too. No wonder these girls are so messed up…

2. Tess Taylor looks like Kelly Clarkson. And her smokey, I don’t-give-a-fuck attitude just makes me laugh, cause, well, I just see Kelly Clarkson.

3. I guess E! got lucky with the goldmine that is Alexis Neiers. I mean, the 18-year-old just so happened to be caught in a celeb robbery ring (the bling ring) the first week of filming? Why do I feel like something in there was staged.

4. Seeing Alexis and Tess pole dance to vie for the coveted spot to be the leading girl in Mickey Avalon’s stripper/rock video was disturbing. And for Mickey Avalon? Gross. I thought the girls wanted a real career.

5.  What is up with the whole “And so it is” ohm-like prayer the family keeps on incorporating whenever one of them fucks up, and the Hindu-like statues everywhere in the house?  Who the hell do they think they are? They seem to have created some sort of buddhist/hinduism/christian hybrid that focuses on “positivity.” What the hell?

6. The whole Biatta campaign was a bit weird. I know Tess is like 19-years-old, but she looks like a baby prostitute in that lingerie.

7. Thank goodness 15-year-old Gabby Neiers is in that family. She seems to be the ONLY one with a head on their shoulders, or at least one with the most common sense. With a delusional mom, and two trashy sisters, I’m sure its gotta be hard. But she is still mildly dumb – evidence: the whole car ride scene to the jail. (Oh, wait, spoiler alert.)

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Tiger Woods’ apology video

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet…

Tiger Woods’ PR person worked around the clock for this little speech.

“I felt like I had worked my entire life and deserved to enjoy the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled… I was wrong, I was foolish, I don’t get to play by different rules. The same boundaries that applied to everyone applied to me.”

I’m glad Tiger finally realized he couldn’t get away with fucking around everywhere, especially in front of the public eye. Hah.