So it’s been about 10 years… (Anniversary, Jersey Shore)

Sorry for the month hiatus, friends and foes.

Anways, now that July is wrapping up, I forgot to give a toast to you!

Oh Mel Gee is now a 1-year-old! *Tear*

Expect at least one crazy update per week from here on out…

And remember to watch the Season 2 premiere of Jersey Shore tomorrow 10/9c!

MTV is already getting ready for the 3rd season, hiring a shoe-in for Angelina:

Via Fox News: Meet Nicole Cortese (left), a friend of Snookie.

“Cortese describes herself as ‘f**king classy’ and ‘addictive and expensiv3 lik3 cocaine.’ A MySpace page for the former Brookdale Community College cheerleader shows her in various provocative poses, where she is seen scantily clad, often kissing her female friends and holding a bottle of liquor.” – Fox News

Imagining a Fox News reporter writing that article makes me spill my giggles. But with this news, plus spats between The Situation and Shore producers, my apprehension and anxiousness has gone overboard. Only not really at all, actually.

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Weekly Rundown

Just in case you’re still recovering from this weekend and feel too lazy to read up on what’s important in the now, here’s my personal rundown:

1. Batwoman is a lesbian.

Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, will now have her own penned comic book series and is apparently the first openly gay superhero in the D.C. Universe. I read that she had a relationship with Renee Montoya, aka The Question. First Spiderman loses his job due to ecomic times, and now Batwoman is a lesbian It’s like comic geeks are trying to live in reality or something, wtf.

2. Europe to open air traffic tomorrow

After almost a week after northern Europe shut down all flights, European officals now say flights will be possible. According to some fancy-schmancy agreement, the area will be broken up into three zones, with zones one and two allowing flights to resume. Hooray!

3. Jersey shore spin-off to film in Boston

Those crazy bitches behind Jersey Shore  are at it again. Only instead of finding guido and guidette talent, they are now seeking obnoxious Bostonians for a Jersey spin-off, titled “Wicked Summer.” The casting site says that producers are specifically looking for people who “don’t take sh*t from nobody – least of all each othah. You believe in God, family,the Red Sox and partying!!”

4. Harold and Kumar: “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” 

The lovely duo, Kal Penn and John Cho are teaming up once again for “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas,” which will be less retarded than it sounds, I bet you!  Written by the same writers from the first two movies, this one will come out hopefully in 2011 and will surround the holiday craziness.

5. Austin Police Department releases 911 tapes after IRS office attack

The Austin Police Department released the 911 tapes of IRS employees who were victims of an plane flying into their IRS office building, flown by an extremely troubled man.

Free Music Monday, ya’ll:

“Melancholy Hill” – The Gorillaz. Do not listen to this if you do not want to hear catchy,  amazing music. It’s at your discretion.

And you can Click to download the song here. You’re welcome.