An epiphany…

Well, sort of.

To the ladies, gents and gingers who read my blog, I’ve come to a conclusion:

I’m not fashion-forward, I’m not a fashionista, nor am I up-to-date on style icons or the glamour of city fashion shows. I’m a geek wearing $2.50 sunglasses from Forever 21, two-year-old Payless shoe flats that are barely usable, and a gray-striped shirt I think I bought freshmen year. I think the only fashion-esque piece of clothing i’m wearing is Seven Jeans, and that’s only because I bought them for like $20 bucks in Vegas.

So what does that mean, you’re probably wondering. Well, if I’m so grundgy and not caring about fashion, I certainly shouldn’t write about it.

Case-in-point: I’m taking down the “for your skin” section of the site, since I don’t give a crap about clothes, plus I barely wear makeup/wash my face with acne stopping ingredients. You might shudder a little bit, which is fine, but it mainly stems from laziness.

To replace “for your skin”: A new section, I’m calling “Mel’s Minute of Fame.”

I want to get to know every single person out there that gives a crap about anything. I’m interested in people, in features, and just how people think in general.

With my handy-dandy flip-cam, I will be focusing on a person (hopefully) every single week.

And that means YOU, crazies.

Be on the lookout for me, cause no one can hide. But actually you can, cause i’m not a creeper or anything.



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