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Hiatus = DUNZO.


Not gonna lie – it’s been awhile.


Blame UT’s Advanced Feature Writing, Video for the Web and Magazine Management classes and Texas Monthly, which swallowed my life last semester… And also my distilled laziness.

Anyways, I’m back and in action and in the City of Angels, ya dig?

[I never say ya dig, but I thought I’d try it on.]

Here are some thoughts:

1. Revolution in Egypt. I just wanted to say… “You say you’ll change the constitution… Well, you know.  We all want to change your head… You tell me it’s the institution… Well, you know… You better free you mind instead.”  So yeah, there’s my two cents folks.

2. I’m so into fat shows right now. Well at least MTV’s “health conscious” reality show, “I Used to Be Fat,” where newly high school graduates vow to lose about a thousand pounds before they start their first day of college. Or something like that. Nazi trainers just do it for me, I guess.

3. Jesse Eisenberg is McHotsenberg. I’m not sure why I suddenly find him attractive. Maybe it’s his jumbled, intellectual jargon that makes my heart skip a small beat,  but I decided to rename him.

4. The Bachelor is the funniest sitcom on the network right now. You guys may argue me on this, but I’m totally sold. Girls crying over a guy they may have spoken to twice because they “were just falling so in love with him”? A “group date” consisting of making $5 budget commercials for the Red Cross Blood Drive? And a bachelor who seems slightly retarded? C’mon this is irony at its best. Can’t stop watching.

5. Schadenfreude makes me feel better, especially on Valentine’s Day. I’m not bitter about my past relationships. If anything, they’ve taught me a handful about myself and what I don’t want in a guy. But it does make me feel awesome to know that people had it worse off than I did during those drunk-crying episodes. Pffff don’t judge me, you know you feel the same way! Check out these break-up stories, (via Gawker) and feel better too!

I also have another blog – melzey.tumblr.com that chronicles most of my Cali travels thus far. Check it out, bitches.


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