Oh Texas… taking strides in progression…

I’m usually not this serious when I blog about the “real world” issues. I mean, who wants to read about the crime, murders and revolutions when the freakin Kardashians are on. (Pffff, *flamboyant hand gesture*)

But seriously, if you all haven’t heard about the Anthony Graves case, I advise you to get schooled.

When I interned at Texas Monthly, I was the lucky one given the task to copy-edit the online edition of the 8-page story that focused on a brutal murder of a family and how Graves was at the other end of the wagged finger. And due to some good ole small-town Texas racism, a corrupt injustice system and the death of the other main suspect, Graves was behind bars for 18 years for capitol murder.

At the end of 2010, Graves was finally released from prison.

Now, Graves is trying to get his rightful compensation (roughly $80,000) for being wrongfully jailed but because of a small technicality, he’ll get nothing. According to the Houston Chronicle:

The October order dropping the charges lacked those words. Graves’ attorneys discovered that only Burleson CountyDistrict AttorneyBill Parham could ask the judge to insert them. The law gave him 15 days to do it.

But Parham, who had vociferously proclaimed Graves’ innocence, refused to return phone calls from Graves attorney Jimmy PhillipsJr. “Once they put the two magic words in there, that would have solved the problem,” Phillips said.

The 15 days lapsed. Without the words “actual innocence,” the Texas comptroller’s office last week refused to qualify Graves for $80,000 compensation for each year of wrongful imprisonment.

LAMESAUCE. I’m really surprised that Graves is taking it so well, at least it seems like it. If I were him, I’d get all Hulk-roided up and slap the crap out of that District Judge.


2 thoughts on “Oh Texas… taking strides in progression…

  1. Read the 8 pager and LOVED it. It was intriguing and touching. It goes to show how much work our justice system needs work, or rather the people running the justice system.

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