Feeling especially lazy today…

Let’s just say I woke up at 11 a.m., watched 2 episodes of It’s Always Sunny, made some breakfast tacos and bread with peanut butter, and somehow 3 hours have passed and I find myself in bed again.

This week was rough to say the least, but I always feel like I need to do work. And in reality, I need to do work.

But anyways, here’s a lazy-day list of what  I should be doing versus what I will probably end up doing today:

1. I should be doing laundry, I will probably take a nap.

2. I should be cleaning my room, I will probably take a nap.

3. I should start/finish my Magazine Management Circulation section, I will probably clean my room.

4. I should finish my story pitch ideas for Video for the Web, I will probably make some food.

5. I should write a blog post for my RTF class, I will probably do some laundry.

6. I should deposit 2 checks, I will probably take a nap.

7. I should call restaurants for picture for Texas Monthly, I will probably read a magazine.

8. I should gather information for Out and About newsletter, I will most likely sleep.

9. I should do story edits, I will probably watch another epi of It’s Always Sunny…

10. I should go shopping for more biz casual clothes, I’m going to sleep.

It’s a dangerous, inevitable cycle, you see.


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