Oh Wendy’s, Wendy’s

I’m going off the page right now, since I usually don’t blog about fast food.

But geez, Wendy’s, what is up with you?

1. Juicy Chicken Sandwich. I know I’m being nitpicky since everyone likes to entice taste buds by calling chicken “juicy,” but it’s always irked me. Why the hell would I want my sandwich to be juicy? It sounds unappetizing. I just think of bread dipped in chicken juice. Uncooked chicken. Gross.

2. $.99 vs. $1.35 fries. I’m not in business, and i’m not in marketing. But this doesn’t make any sense to me. Why was my $1 cheeseburger less that my small value fries? It reminds me of my days working at Quiznos, when veggie subs always cost more than meat subs. It mainly consisted of lettuce and olives… wtf. Anways, shouldn’t fries be cheaper than the actual sandwich? Is there really that much demand for Wendy’s french fries, that they had to up the price of them?

3. pick 2 for $4.99. I’m not sure how long this special has been going on or how long it’ll last, but this is probably the cleverest thing Wendy’s could think of. Get a side of your choice of premium salad with any of the following: bottle of Dasani water, frosty, any cold beverage, baked potato, small chili, jr. bacon cheeseburger, chicken go wrap. This is like a poor man’s Panera right here. Pregnant women will love this deal.


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