Sweet Valley High to the bigscreen

Ever since I was a wee little gal, I’ve stashed Sweet Valley books in my library collection; I was always on Team Elizabeth, thinking Jessica was quite the B.

Even though my reading level has slightly grown since then, [I still keep Wayside School books with me], I died a little bit inside when I heard Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer’s Body)was writing a screen play for the upcoming movie, Sweet Valley High.

After they already butchered Nancy Drew’s image with Emma Roberts casted as my favorite teen sleuth, I’m hoping the casting for Sweet Valley High won’t be too regretful. I’m a fan of the 1994 “Sweet Valley High” show though.

Inspired by The, I’ve decided to cast Sweet Valley High:

1. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. The main characters of the series, and identical twins. One is a bitch, the other is a saint.  Hayden Panettiere? I know, it may be weak sauce. But give me a blonde actress in her under 25 who dominates the screen. And don’t say Dakota. Thanks.


2. Todd Wilkins. Elizabeth’s on-again-off-again boyfriend. Chace Crawford. An easy pick, and not because of his looks, but because he will forever play a dude in high school.


3. Lila Flower. Jessica’s rival/best-friend. Who better than Leighton Meester? I mean, she already nailed playing the rich bitch so well in GG. Second runner-up would be Nina Debrov. She’s so saucy.

Leighton and Nina

4. Enid Rollins. Elizabeth’s bff. Probably a girl-next-door type, like Lizzie herself. Brenda Song. Yeah, she’s pretty much the yappy, Disney tween that you want to slap (among others…). But she has some comedic/acting potential. Maybe.



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