Healthcare & Lesbians

A lot has been stirring in this ole brain of mine. Thoughts surrounding a  cornucopia(?) of issues, including:

1. The Healthcare reform bill. DUN dun DUN. I’m sure some people are sick of hearing coverage on this historic event. Well tough cookie, kids… this is important. Why you say? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Health insurance is not mandatory. And yes, unless you hit poverish levels, you will have to pay a fine if you do not get health insurance.
  2. We can ride on the coat tails of our parents! Children can use their parent’s health care benefits until they’re 26. Yipee!
  3. Student loans may take less time to pay off. With an amendment that was tucked into the bill, a $60 billion program that supports private student loans and federal subsidies will be replaced with straight government lending. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it’s supposed to save $61 billion over a span of 10 years.
  4. Abortions will not be funded by the government. Just to set the record straight, rightys.


I hope all of you are following the Constance McMillen lesbian prom ridiculousness.

Basically McMillen wanted to go to her prom with her girlfriend at her uber-conservative high school in Mississippi. And when she asked permission, officials sent out a memo saying that prom dates must be of the opposite sex. When the American Civil Liberties Union tried to intervene, the high school canceled prom.

And just recently, a U.S. district judge said that the high school’s actions were violating McMillen’s civil rights. [Hell yeah!] But would not force the high school to hold prom. [Lame.]

Well readers, this is my blog and I will be biased this time. I support McMillen 100% and I hope that there will be some progress with society during the outcome of this fiasco. And I hope that McMillen’s prom night isn’t half as shitty as mine was. (Oh, it still scars me til this day.)


2 thoughts on “Healthcare & Lesbians

  1. The healthcare part: these are some positive things…but still skeptical :/

    On the Lesbian post: I saw a similar post to this one on Perez but it was with a guy wanting to take his boyfriend or a guy to prom. The school ended up allowing him to take his significant other but his parents got so angry about the media around the issue that they kicked him out of his own home. Sad!

  2. Mel says:

    Awww that’s terrible.

    And yes, I do have a lot of negative feelings for the new healthcare reform bill since my parents are actually in that bracket that will be taxed and also because i feel like it should be a person’s choice whether or not they want a healthcare plan. Why must the gov. make us?

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