Bye, 2012. I Will Kind Of Remember You.

I’m in the midst of packing up my giant suitcase and make my way back to Los Angeles tomorrow in the wee morning. Whenever I leave my room in Orlando, I always go through my old drawers and my closet to see if there are any items from my past that could possibly weave its way into my current lifestyle. And there usually is. Tomorrow I’m bringing home fake Wolverine claws and my Spice Girls watch. Spurts of childhood visit me often.

My face throughout the majority of 2012.

I’ll be up in the air as 2013 commences. And that means its brother (sister?), 2012, is giving me the deuces.

I’d recount all of my best times and lowest lows from 2012 on here if I could. Problem is that I have shit for memory and can’t really remember anything past what, September?

But do know that in retrospect, the good outweighed the bad in 2012 and I’m hoping 2013 will be just as mildly memorable.

My “resolutions” for 2013. FYI, they aren’t anything out of the ordinary:

+ Read. Just fucking read anything. I need to find my rhythm back into reading books and magazines on a daily basis. My writing needs more oomph, as it lacks inspiration.

+ Write for myself. Short stories, poems, songs. I miss writing for me and only me.

+ Give more. I really want to volunteer more consistently. Just haven’t found that right org yet.

+ Cook more. And I mean beyond what I already know how to cook.

+ Run more. Would be fun to train for a half-marathon or something of that calibar for the summer. Gotta get on that now!

+ Stress less. I feel like I said “I’m SO stressed out!” almost every single day. Calm the fuck down, Mel. You’ve been through worse.

What’re your resolutions this year? Let me know in a comment! Dig it.


What Is Mel Doing At 12:03 In The Morning?

. . . Researching car insurance policies for the state of California. This blows. Really, really hard.

I’m still wrangling all of this car stuff that’s decided to reign my bank account and time into smithereens.

Still on my to-do list before my “arraignment” in July: (They actually wrote “arraignment” on a letter and I’m supposed to plead guilty or not guilty. Whatthefuck!)

  • Get my front windows re-tinted to abide by California law.
  • Study/take the writing portion of the California Drivers License Test.
  • Get all the vehicle registration title papers finalized by my parents, who live on the other side of country.
  • Pay fees associated with registration.
  • Get a smog test.
  • Get a new car insurance policy for California.
  • Pay fees associated with violations.
  • Go cry in a corner.

Sometimes, when I’m overwhelmed with “grown-up” stuff, I really just want to curl up in a ball and roll down a hill. A long, winding hill, that drops off at a meadow filled with seeded dandelions and tulips with a pond nearby. It would be nearing dusk and the fireflies will swarm my hands. Not in a vexing way, but more of a “you can catch us if you would like” way. And there will be a food stand that only serves dark-chocolate M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces and semi-chilled cups of water for the time being. Nat King Cole will sing “On the Street Where You Live” and I’ll just fall asleep after staring at the nighttime sky that highlights the cosmos in bright turquoise.

If you’ve ever wondered where I go when I’m stressed out, I go there.

In other news, the roomies and I just started season 3 of Breaking Bad. If you’ve never watched Breaking Bad, I feel sorry for you, and you should go watch the first season right this second. Or don’t. Whatev. I really don’t feel sorry for you. But I do believe it’s a fantastic show.