Thank you, DMV Worker-Lady

I spent an hour and a half this morning at the Santa Monica DMV, attempting to tackle the two citations I received last month. Yeah, I can feel how jealous you all are.

As much as I loathe that place, I do regret not getting a chance to thank the DMV worker who was helping me for a good hour. I’m sure my incompetence toward vehicle titles, vehicle value, and smog tests straight baffled her. But she handled my questions and wrongly filled-out documents with patience and poise.

It really freakin’ bothers me that I didn’t say “thank you.” I didn’t know she would get up from her desk while I got my license picture taken. And I’m not sure why this is bothering me more than it should. She helped me tremendously  and I didn’t even catch her name.

Is it weird that little things, like forgetting to say “thank you” or worrying that someone’s first impression of you is off, irks me the most?

Anyways, if you ever read this, kind, knowledgeable, and sassy DMV-lady, I owe you a batch of cupcakes.


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