Benny Frying Pan is a Hobo’s Johnny Cupcakes

When I read that a Korean knockoff, Benny Frying Pan,  basically stole most of Johnny Cupcake’s designs, I was ready to bust some caps. (With my rolling pin of course.)

Hey Johnny, I have your back!

And their logo isn’t even cool-looking. It’s a stupid muffin instead of a cupcake, and a fork and a spoon instead of Johnny’s crossbones.

Here are some comparisons of the horror:

Fake on the left, Awesome on the right.

Benny's couldn't even change the city? Wtf.

Just horrible.

According to Benny Frying Pan’s U.S. site, they are “making clothes with materials of Trust, Promise, Sympathy, Communications, Fun, Happiness and etc. like a very elaborate dinner as cooked good ingredients. We are always thinking of customer than company and ourselves than oneself, also we try to be a piece of cake for making effort to social service.”

Nevermind the shirts, Benny should be punished for shitty grammar, syntax, and being completely incomprehensible.


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