New Kate Nash Album in April!

The British electro-pop/grunge-esque songstress (and my personal hero) announced that her second album, tentatively titled “Crayon Full of Colour”, is set to release this April.

The album is produced by Bernard Butler, whose worked with Duffy, The Black Kids, and the Libertines. So you know this album will be F-to-the-N legit.

MTVuk recently released the tracklist:

1. You’ll Never Listen
2. Kiss That Girl
3. Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
4. I Just Love You More
5. Do Wah Doo
6. Higher Plane
7. I’ve Got A Secret
8. Oh Jay
9. Later On
10. Pickpocket
11. You Were So Far Away
12. I Hate Seagulls

I actually have about four of the songs from the list, at least they’re some demos/live leaks. She still sounds sweet and lovely, but has an I-don’t-give-a-fuck-so-let’s-rage-instead type of vibe. Which I’m digging.

You can download a free song from the album, “I Just Love You More,” on her website.


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