Spitting love in your ears…


Valentine’s Day/Single’s Awareness Day/ Excuse to Hook-up Day is so close, I can just smell the imitation chocolates and perfumed, over-sized, stuffed puppy dogs.

So, I decided to compile a 2010 V-day playlist, catered towards every type of lover. Here we go: [Disclaimer: most of these are pop songs… cheesy-cheese.]

1. The guy most likely to blast a song outside that chick’s window [will probably cover these songs on acoustic]:

+ Hold – Saves The Day.
+ Letters to You – Finch.
+ Only One – Yellowcard.

2. The angst-filled, single girl:

+ “It’s Not that Easy” – Erin McCarley.
+ “The Shit Song” – Kate Nash.
+ “I Hate You So Much Right Now” – Kelis.

3. The hopeful, yet lonely, closet romantic:

+ “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Buble.
+ “Love Song for No One” – John Mayer.
+ “On the Street Where You Live” – Nat King Cole.

4. The wishful thinker whose in love with their best friend:

+ “The Two of Us” – Nsync.
+ “Goodnight and Go” – Imogen Heap.
+ “If It Kills Me” – Jason Mraz.

5. The guy that can’t keep it in his pants…

+ “Taste” – Josh Abbott Band.
+ “Hello, I Love You” – The Doors.
“Ignition (Remix)” – R. Kelly and What’s Your Fantasy – Ludacris. [Self-explanatory.]

6. The girl that can’t keep it out of her pants…

+ “I Like it Rough” – Lady Gaga.
+ “40 Boys in 40 Nights” – The Donnas.
+ “Take It Off” – Ke$ha.

7. The awww they’re-so-cute-it’s-disgusting couple:

+ “Lalala” – LMFAO.
+ “All My Loving” – The Beatles.
+ “The Luckiest” – Ben Folds.

*Bonus: “I Thought I Loved You Then” – Brad Paisley.  C’mon, I had to.

8. The girl who’s still in love with him:

+ “Still have my Heart” – Caitlin Crosby.
+ “Ex-Girlfriend Syndrome” – Charlotte Sometimes.
+ “10 Days” – Missy Higgins.

9. The stalker on the down-low:

+” Obsession” – Frankie J
+ “Andy, You’re a Star” – The Killers
+ “Circles” – Hollywood Undead

10. The one who just fell out of love… *tear*:

+ “Save Yourself” – James Morrison
+ “Madly” – Tristan Prettyman
+ “We’re Not Making Love No More” – Dru Hill

… And there you have it. I’m not gonna lie, it was crazy-hard to pick these songs, since, well, musician/artists are obsessed with writing songs about love, lust, and feelings in general… Hey, go figure.


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