Jimmy Choo @ H&M

Courtesy of♥ςคгlค ๏lเשค♥

H&M, the haute couture yet affordable (paradox, yes?) clothing store, will fill their store shelves on Nov. 14th with a new Jimmy Choo line of zapatos, accessories and … *drum roll*… a  new line  of clothing and purses for both women and men. (And yes, I did mean purses for women AND men.)

This is a  first for Jimmy Choo Ltd., the high-fashion London-based shoe line, since its never had a line of clothing for its consumers.  And I believe its expansion of products for a new, younger market is quite the jump.

According to People Mag, Jimmy Choo’s H&M brand will range from $60-$200, compared to the brand’s usual $500+ prices. (Hot damn!)

Hey, Jimmy Choo Ltd., I have a few questions for you: why are you just now targeting the younger market – throwing dresses, suits, and man purses their way? Is this a sign that you have also fallen victim to the plummeting, high-end fashion economy? Or are you just sharing the wealth for us normal folk?

Check out the line at H&


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