MacGruber to go to the bigscreen…

Saturday Night Live – MacGruber: Father and Son

Hes the one all the way to the left. How adorable.

Will Forte’s SNL skit “MACGRUBER” will start shooting in August.

I’m not sure how it can be written into a movie, since the entire skit is usually a 1-minute digital short, showing how a wanna be McGyver trying to stop a ticking time bomb from blowing.

It’ll probably have zero plot, but it does have my support.

Three reasons why I would buy a ticket to watch MacGruber:

1. It’s going to be co-written and directed by Jorma Taccone, whose 1/3rd of the comedy group The Lonely Island. I’ve been following these guys since high school. And they know funny.


He's the one all the way to the left. How adorable.

2.  Ryan Philippe and Val Kilmer are in the talks to join, according to Variety.  And let’s face it, Philippe’s hot, and I haven’t hear from Kilmer since… Batman or something.  So it’s like seeing a long lost friend.

3.  Shia LaBeof was in a MacGruber skit, which I have attached up top.  And everything he’s in pretty much turns into gold.


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