Veronica Mars Movie: Back, Back, Back it Up!

Veronica Mars is the epitome of the female I aim to be: courageous, fierce, witty, quick on her feet, and humble enough to call for Backup if she needs it.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the hubbub around the Veronica Mars’ movie Kickstarter Campaign. If you haven’t—well, I hope that rock was comfortable to sleep under.

The whole shebang ends today, as in, today is the last day to pledge to fund the movie. And because I love the whole “Veronica Mars” series so very much (I mean, I am a Nancy Drew zealot, what did you expect?), I think every single one of you should spend a buck and pledge for this project. It will be the best dollar you’ve ever spent, I kid you not.

Can't believe the Veronica Mars Movie is happening. Pop POP.

Can’t believe the Veronica Mars movie is happening. Pop POP.

Am I backer? Well, of course. I’m at the $75 level, so I’ll be getting a buttload of Marshmallow news and swag (aka a script, a DVD of the movie, and a t-shirt). I WISH I could go to the premiere—either in Los Angeles or Austin, but of course, I’m not a rich bitch.

Here’s another reason to love Veronica. She sticks up for the little guys:


Veronica: Well, I want to congratulate you. Shake your hand. Congratulations! You’ve been named the world’s biggest cockroach. This award is given in recognition of your unparalleled lack of decency and humanity. Bravo! You’re gonna die friendless and alone.
Lenny: Hey, everybody knows you’re the biggest —
Veronica: Shut up! If I want you to speak, I’ll wave a snausage over your nose. If you use Mandy again to try to convince yourself that you’re not a loser, I will ruin your life — got it? You got it?

I started re-watching the series with the boyfriend a month or so ago, so all of this movie momentum couldn’t have come at a better time. So effing excited.

And of course, all of this almost matches my uncontainable excitement for Arrested Development coming up on Netflix next month.  I wonder what other of my fave shows will resurrect . . .