Essentials for this crappy weather:

So, what’s up with the weather, yeah? I thought it was supposed to be spring! Damn you, ground hog. The East Coast is very pissed at you.

Anyways, in Austin it’s 39 degrees outside with sprinkles of baby drizzle everywhere, and a wind chill that Pocahontas would be proud of.

So, just keep these little tidbits with you for your vida on-the-go:

1. Hand warmers. I know, I know, on the outside they look like hand-condoms… but you’ll be wishing your hands were wrapped around these when your H&M jacket pocket rips, like mine did the other day. :/

2. Street Fighter Snuggie. I saw  this at FYE during Christmas break, and it really tempted me to pull a five-finger discount. I mean, c’mon, you can’t talk on the phone with regular blankets.

3. Snood. I can’t tell if this alternative to a scarf  looks more like a giant head-band for your neck or a slice of a fat man’s sweater sleeve. I was introduced to this fashion when I went into Burberry one time, and the saleswoman kept pushing me to buy one. Snood… pff what I dumb name. (But I really want one!)