Mel’s Music Matchup: “The Call” (Regina vs. Kina)

The first time I heard this Regina original song was at the end of Prince Caspian.

And I cried little indie tears.

Then I heard Kina Grannis just covered this, and most of her covers are amazing, especially since they’re all acoustic.

But as much as I love anything acoustic, the original is better and has more of a majestic feel rather than a ho-hum twang that Kina has going on.

But “Is all goooh.”

What do you think?


Mel’s Music Matchup: “I Will Be” (Avril vs. Leona)

New section: Which song version is better?

Avril wrote the song, and recorded it first on her 2007 album The Best Damn Thing.

But Leona covered the song on her 2007 album Spirit, releasing it as her third single.

I think I like Avril’s version better.  It’s a lot crisper sounding, and less showy.

But Leona has Chace Crawford in her video, so that does earn like a bajillion points.

Whose is better?