Which artist should you be listening to next?

I’m a huge Meiko fan, and have had the chance to see her live not once, but twice. And she’s the type of artist that genuinely sounds better live than on any digital file.

You can click it to read it. Sorry for the ghettoness, I couldn't find the real digital file, but this would do.

I also interviewed her prior to her show during SXSW, and had a chill 45-minute chat with the Georgia Peach (she’s from GA, so I couldn’t help but use it). She’s super down to earth, told me to give her a call whenever I was in LA (which I probably would never do), and we even bonded over Lost. You can check the article I wrote to the left.

Anyways, she’s coming out with a new album in the upcoming months, and here are a few of her songs (live). Give them a listen!

Meiko – Stuck On You from Jam in the Van on Vimeo.

Meiko – Between The Sheets from Jam in the Van on Vimeo.