New Section: For Austin

Sound the alarms, there is a super bitch sitting near me at the FAC, the 24-hour, on-campus facility here at UT.

For the past hour, I have heard her whine about how she wants to drink AND work out tonight, The Hills, how she can’t seem to work a program on the computer, computers in general, and even how she can be a really big bitch if you piss her off.  *She’s one of the passive-bitches I cited in my status.*

You know, the type to act like something is up her ass, holds it in, and totally bad mouths her target behind their back whilst gloating about how bad-ass of a bitch she can be.


Anyways… what a refreshing way to start off an introduction to a new section huh?

Introducing: All Austin … a section about the sights, sounds, tastes and characters of Austin, Texas that I delve in every day. I might as well try to jot/err type my experiences in Austin before I’m pushed into the new world via graduation next year. So yes, here you go.