Hi, I’m Mel, and I may be addicted to TV…

For the past two days, I’ve watched roughly 10 hours of television.

80 minutes of  Degrassi: The Next Generation

305 minutes of Glee

45 minutes of Lost

45 minutes of Gossip Girl

110 minutes of Arrested Development

This is the most TV watching I’ve ever done in a semester. My guess is I’m taking extreme measures to avoid studying for my last final. Wow. I may have a problem.

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Glee: The Music Vol. One Release


Just last week, I was scavenging around for free “Glee” music using the ghetto way – YouTube vids.

So when my friend told me that they just released the first “Glee” soundtrack… well, I was full of glee. (Oh yes, soak up that cheese.)

Anyways, the soundtrack features 18 tracks, including those sugar coated covers from the show that was indeed sung by the cast we know and love – including “Gold Digger,” “Take A Bow,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Bust Your Windows,” and “Someone To Love.”

You can also purchase individual tracks that aren’t on the soundtrack in the iTunes store, including the mash-up the guys did in the battle off episode (It’s My Life/Confessions) that was so darn catchy.

For you poor folk like me, you can check out a full playlist of songs on imeem here.

And hey, Glee haters: at least I have Journey to hum whilst on the bandwagon… So get off my case, holmes!