Introducing “Bookmark Limelight”: Minimalist Glass Art, How “Moana” is LOTR, and Michael Scott’s Meryl Streep Tribute

I’m the type of obnoxious person who has about 15 tabs open at any given moment, with three minimized windows with 15 other tabs open and waiting to be read. It’s really an awfully bad habit to bear and I’m sure would give someone with an anxiety disorder a panic attack.

I am, however, a proud “bookmark slut.” What’s a “bookmark slut”? Someone who doesn’t have the attention span to focus on individual web content (be it a news article, listicle, meme, viral panda video) and therefore bookmarks it and never looks at it ever again. I just made this term up. It’s also an awfully bad habit to bear. Until now. (PS Don’t shame me for it!)

I’m starting a new series called “Bookmark Limelight,” where I choose three random bookmarked pages from my archives to focus my post on, whatever random items they may be.

1. Spoiler Alert: Does Moana have the same plot as Lord of the Rings? If you haven’t watched Moana yet, stop reading this right now, GTFO of here, and get it on Amazon or iTunes. I’ve just become a smidge obsessed with Moana since it came out last November. Ben and I were Lin-Manuel Miranding hardcore with Moana and Hamilton songs playing 24/7 in our apartment throughout this past November, December, and January. And February. And March.

Back to this theory: I will say they are both quest stories, which tend to be similar in many ways. So—hm. I’ll let you make the call!


2. Minimalist glass art adds another notch to my “I can’t afford shit, but I LOVE THIS” belt. I’ve always had a fascination with glass art–stained glass windows, blown glass (which I still want to learn how to do), and figurines. This Etsy shop, BespokeGlassTile, makes wondrous pieces that simplistically dress up windows. I love their glass succulents, cranes, and BARRE elements. Gorgeous!


3. Michael Scott’s forgotten quote about Meryl Streep. I’ve been rewatching The Office since I dropped off season 5 or so. Remember when Meryl Streep had that long speech at the Golden Globes about how we won’t stand for tyrannical bullies, and then Trump called her “over-rated” [sic]? Michael Scott sums up my opinions entirely:


Other loose tidbits:



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