10 Months Until I Can “Live” Again.

I have a hole in my heart. “The Mountain”-sized hole. And only plots of vengeance, power hungry mongrels, and long soliloquies can fill it. Only 10 more months until Game of Thrones comes back!

I made a bet with my boyfriend, that I could read all of five books from the A Song of Fire and Ice series. If I do read all five books (and actually read them–audio books do not count), then he owes me $150. And vice-versa. Right now I’m reading The Cuckoo’s Calling, so hoping to start the series up soon. The bet stemmed from my inability to wait any longer to find out what happens next in Westeros. Plus, it’s super hard to abstain from spoilers–they’re EVERYWHERE. In the news, on Twitter, on a Game of Thrones wiki page that I accidentally clicked on. Ugh.

Dany Cat - Game of Thrones - Oh Mel Gee

Dany’s excited for me to read the series. Her name’s Daenerys after all.

To mend my broken TV heart, I’m pumped to watch:

  • The rest of Orphan Black season 2. This season has been crazy. CRAZY.
  • Orange Is the New Black season 2. It’s also hard to un-hear people talking about this. The other day, a few friends started to chat about the new season, and I subsequently started to walk away, plug my ears, and yell “LALALALALA.” I love you, Crazy Eyes. PS You can sometimes hear me say “Orphan is the New Black,” out of confusion and also because I’m unknowingly tapping into this show’s badass, mashup potential.
  • The Leftovers. The bf hinted at what the plot’s like, but I love going into HBO shows blindly. I’m hoping this show won’t fuck with my brain. I’ve had troubling nightmares after watching Bates Motel and True Detective, and sometimes during my Breaking Bad binges. Not sure how much more I can handle. (Actually, I can probably handle more, I’m so totally pumped to watch The Wire at some point.)
  • (Catch-up) Parks and Rec. I know what happens in the finale. But I still feel like I should watch the rest of the season. Parks has drilled a nugget of fandom in me, which I once had in The Office, but the latter didn’t know how to sustain itself. But geez, I’m hoping the show wraps itself up already.
  • (Catch-up) Revenge. Bf and I started this a year or two ago. Haven’t made it past season one, but hoping to do that at some point. Priorities, priorities, and this is not a priority.
  • (Catch-up) Smallville. Slowly but surely working through all 10 seasons. I used to love this show, but dropped off after season 5 or so. Blah.

So, as you can see . . . I have no life and my eye sockets are melting. Thank you, TV.


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