Oh god, my throat hurts. (And other after effects of vacation.)

Got home last night from the big theme-parking trip with the roomies. I’m still feeling exhausted, and my throat feels like dry rocks layered with sandpaper. So wonderful.

I won’t go into detail about my trip, since I don’t have the energy to dive into or explain that wild time. But do know that I can now cross “Get super intoxicated at a Disney park” off my bucket list, and we’ll leave it at that.

I’m betting on this October to be a solid month. And here’s why:

• I’ll be starting to prep for NaNoWriMo. Okay, I am aware that NaNoWriMo is during November, however, the planning period is now! And since I’m terrible at plot development, I need all the planning time I can get.

• Halloween is on my mind. Last year I went all out and was Daria, and about 30 percent of people understood my costume. To prevent being mistakenly called “Ugly Betty” again, I’m thinking about wearing/being something less meta. Like a panda or monkey or peach. Maybe I’ll go as a sexy slug or whatever. People suck sometimes (actually, the majority of the time).

• I plan to buy this, and really, really, smash writer’s block with the intensity of Bruce Lee’s left fist.

• I’m going to catch-up on Downton Abbey. Hopefully.

• I’m excited to bake a bunch of random fall pastries, because it’s colder in Los Angeles now, and drinking coffee and eating a pastry is automatically romantic to me. My “romance” threshold is horribly low.

• I’m going to sleep.



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