65th post, and I’m a nerdo.

. . . What the what? It’s hard to believe that Oh Mel, Gee. . . has been up and running for at least two years, and I only have 65 posts. Shit. I need to blog more, clearly. I’ve had good reason though, you know, like a full time job.

Anyways, I’m going to work in a half hour, so I wanted to give you a quick run down of the things I’m currently in love with. And just note that I do live with two dudes and we just got cable a few days ago, so I think since then, I’ve slowly started to turn into one myself:

Captain Hotpancakes.

1. Captain Apollo. I’ve been watching a whole lot of Battlestar Galactica, the sci-fi series that’s swooned the heart of many, including those who aren’t so self-aware of their inner geek (which is me, I guess). Honestly, everything about this series is epic, and I’d go check it out, even if you aren’t a middle-aged man still living in your parents’ basement.

Arya from GoT is my hero. And she can kick your ass too.

2. Game of Thrones. I’ve started to jump on the newly found bandwagon on this. And for good reason, since this series isn’t anything short of the HBO show formula–lots of sex, rape, betrayals, and brutal killings. We’re supposed to start episode 5 tonight, but already after each episode, I’ve found myself cradled in a fetal position, rocking back and forth and asking for hugs. GoT raped my brain. I’m still healing.

The unstoppable duo. They'll cut you with their wit.

3. Daria. As you can tell from my last post, I’ve been watching too much Daria, to the point of actually researching who the voice actors are. Can you believe that the same chick who does Quinn’s voice does Jane’s, and Helen’s voice as well? That kind of fucked with my mind a little bit. And the woman who does Daria’s voice is blonde! Blonde, I say. Anywho, this brings me back to the time I was in middle school, when I was just a budding cynicist, and my mind wasn’t yet touched by college loans, health insurance packages, risk of STDs and power hours gone wrong. But my mind is slowly becoming like Daria’s–I’m not “the misery chick,” but I am on the hems of jadedness and apatheticness.


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