Blue Dahlia yum yum

Pictures by Flickr.com/professor_evil

Last week I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Blue Dahlia, off I-35 in E. Austin. I didn’t really stumble upon it, since I was meeting my Latinitas editor and colleagues,  but I like to pretend I’m a daring connoisseur.

Anyways, stepping into this bistro, I felt like I was in some intimate cafe in France, or maybe  a small town in Belgium or something.

They use only locally grown organic products, and food-goers sit at long wooden tables, so you’re a shoulder away from your neighbor.

I only tasted items from the breakfast menu, including a frittata and a croissant, which was still delish. But I saw their open-faced sandwiches, tartines, and my mouth instantly watered.

Best part? It’s uber-cheap. The most expensive item on the menu is $16 and the average price for a meal is around $8.

By Flickr.com/with_an_eye


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