Greyson Chance on Ellen

Twelve-year-old Greyson Chance graced Ellen DeGeneres’ stage today, wearing khaki cargo shorts, another American Eagle-esque polo and Justin Bieber hair.

Little tidbits from the interview:

+ It was his first airplane ride, going to L.A.

+ He’s taken three years of piano lessons but never a voice lesson.

+ He writes his songs from meaning, so he’s either felt them or lived them.

+ He loves Lady Gaga and her individuality and caller her his biggest inspiration.

And apparently he’s gotten more popular with the tween ladies after the video went viral.

“Let’s just say I’ve gotten a couple of numbers,” he said.

Gaga herself also phoned in and offered Greyson some advice: “Stay away from girls and be focused.”

This kid wears talent on his sleeve, I can see him going places. I wonder if Mr. Timberlake would snag him, hmmm…


In other news: What is up with the random slaughters/stabbing of children in school in China? I’m incredibly perplexed and sadden by all of these stories, one after the other. Read more about it here.


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