Overheard at the FAC…

By Flickr.com/AndrewHuff

I should really start bringing a tub of popcorn whenever I go to the FAC, because for some reason people that surround me are so amusing. Chronicles from last night—

Two guys sitting next to me:

Guy 1: What’s better,”The Notebook” or “A Walk To Remember?”

Guy 2: Really? [laughs awkwardly] Um…. “The Notebook,” I’ve never seen “A Walk To Remember.”

Guy 1: [shout] WHAT?!?!?! You haven’t seen “A Walk To Remember?”


Guy 1: Oh my god, you need to check out this song, man, it’s so soothing.

Guy 2: Yeah, Robin Thicke is the shit. I love “Sex Therapy” with Ludacris, it’s so calming.

Guy 1: Oh definitely.


Guy 1: [Crosses his legs] What do you think about people who sit like this?

Guy 2: I think it’s gay.

Guy 1: My dad sits like that.

Guy 2: Oh. [awkward laugh] Hahaha.

Guy 1: Classy people sit like that.

Guy 2: Yeah they do.

Guy 1: But no, really classy people sit like that.

Guy 2: Yeah they do.


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